Thursday, June 2, 2011

Seattle Met Style Council with Krista Kelly Online Story

I’ve always wanted to explode that whole take-your-daughter-to-work-day thing out a little further. Once a year, we ought to get a free pass to bring and/or tag along with friends, sig others, moms, dads, neighbors, siblings, former college roommates, and yes style counselors and check out each other’s work world.

Until such time as International Here’s What Your Friend Does at Her Office All Day Day, you’ve at least got the chance to see some of the art consultation projects completed by Style Counselor Krista Kelly;. (You’re on your own if you want to actually get inside her office at the old Rainier bottling plant.)

“I find I am excavating and interpreting my client’s style,” Kelly told me when I asked if stylish people live in stylish environments, and vice versa. “Most people have opinions on their taste and just want to be informed about their options.”

SLIDESHOW: Style Counselor Krista Kelly at work with Bilinear Art. Here, she commissioned a New York-based street artist to create work for a client’s residential game room.

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