Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Brendan Threadgill | Los Angeles

Brendan Threadgill, Ideal City/Fortress City #3, 2008, Graphite on paper, 18”x18”, $895 (framed)

Now on show at Columbia Tower Club.
"Schema Drawings are an ongoing series of graphite drawings that employ Renaissance urban planning schemes, contemporary military mapping grids, and denesive fencing patterns to create works that refernce historical and contemporary depictions of the universe and explore the relationship between pragmatic defense and abstract conceptions of space." - Brendan Threadgill

Threadgill cuts these shapes into stencils.  Next, Threadgill lays the stencil down on paper, sprays fixative on it, and blows graphite dust over it with his own breath.

"Buried Landscape series are photos made from unexposed 4x5 transparencies that are buried in the dark and dug up a few weeks or days later.  So, the film is 'exposed' by minerals and chemicals from the particular site, not light. Underground landscapes, in a way."  -Brendan Threadgill

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