Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ryan LaBar | Seattle

Bilinear Art Consulting @ Seattle Design Center
5701 Sixth Avenue, Suite 260
Seattle, Washington 98108 USA

Opening June 1st: Ryan LaBar
 Ryan LaBar, Title To Be Determined, 5/12, Porcelain and Stoneware, 23" x 28" x 20"

"The final piece captures the motion and tension of the integrated clay parts. The elements of the system appear suspended in space or compressed by the weight of another. Cool blue celadon bands twist around soft white porcelain rings as brown stoneware rods, once rigid, bend and weave their way throughout.

The integrated forms are complex mixtures, busy and balanced at times. Others seem piled and chaotic. These systems are metaphors for our times, our bodies, and our philosophies. Time ages all things. It softens hard edges and moves material to alternative states of rest. Not only does time test form, it tests ideas. Some become foundations for future breakthroughs as others fall into oblivion. My process is the concept. My ideas are subject to the same cascading failure as are my forms." -Ryan LaBar  
Ryan LaBar, Titled To Be Determined #6, 10/11, Porcelain and Stoneware 

Ryan LaBar currently lives and works in Enterprise, OR.  He has accomplished artist residencies from China to Bali.

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