Friday, November 30, 2012

Nichole DeMent | Seattle

Now on Show at Bilinear Art Gallery
Seattle Design Center, Plaza Suite 260
Nichole DeMent, "i am sky", Mixed media encaustic on paper, 62”x45” [Sold]

Nichole DeMent, "Bird Moon", Mixed media encaustic on paper, 62”x45” [Sold]
 Nichole DeMent, "Protection", Mixed media encaustic on paper, 70”x57”

[Artist Statement] Oracle Series: My work is a creative exploration of human story and myth. Longstanding interest and study of the global allegories from prehistoric times to contemporary era inform the figurative work I create in the studio using everyday people as models. Conceptually, I am interested in (re)presenting what is below the surface to challenge belief systems or the structures created in society. What does a hero look like? Who are our contemporary villains? This exposition ultimately creates work that is concurrently intimate and destructive, and potentially antagonistic.

My process begins with an inkjet print on Japanese rice paper that is then fused with encaustic, or beeswax, and further transformed with paint, collaged materials, and anything else I may be inspired to use. With a natural affinity for texture, I take pleasure in affecting the surface of my work to create a visceral topography. By taking risks with paint, wax and other media I endeavor to allow my creative subconscious the freedom to play, dream and inevitably teach me about my own human story.

Nichole DeMent, "Metamorphosis", Mixed media encaustic on board, 36”x12”
Nichole DeMent, "Dervish", Mixed media encaustic on paper [Sold]

[Artist Biography]  Nichole DeMent is a mixed media encaustic artist, curator and professional advisor to artists through her position at Artist Trust in Seattle, Washington.  For the past decade, she has curated hundreds of exhibits as past co-owner of Rock|DeMent visual art space in Pioneer Square, gallery director at non-profit and commercial Seattle galleries, and has taught fine art with a photographic focus at Pacific Lutheran University and Photographic Center Northwest. Her personal artwork in photographic mediums and avant-garde mixed media encaustic has been awarded, positively reviewed, and can be found in numerous collections including the Swedish Medical Center Art Collection.  Her artwork is represented at various fine art venues in the region and online at

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