Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Troy Gua Book, Edition of 25, Release Party

Bilinear Art Consulting will be hosting a release party in honor of Troy Gua’s new limited edition book, ‘Troy Gua’s Pop Hybrids’, printed exclusively for the ongoing “Pop” show at Bilinear. 
Gua, a Washington native, was raised on American popular culture during the 70’s and 80’s, and this background is evident in his polished, jewel-like two-dimensional series of pop culture icons, ‘Pop Hybrids’. Gua says his work's “subject matter deals with the investigation and layering of identities, cultural critique and commentary and the universal human need for recognition”.

Purchase by preorder only "Troy Gua's Pop Hybrids": or 206.235.7643
9" x 9" hardcover, 40 pages (including sold out artworks), signed, numbered, $85

During the release party there will also be tasting of Balinoff Vodka and Paco Chicano Tequila.

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