Sunday, August 15, 2010

Meryl Pataky | Playground Love, 2009

"My neon swings are based upon a sketch that I would draw frequently of two swings, one hanging turned away from the other on the ground. The viewer is introduced to the aftermath of an event where, as a result, there are no longer two swings hanging together; one has fallen and the reason is not explained. The hanging swing has its back to the one of the floor, a gesture of perhaps scorn or guilt. I like to ironically and maybe cynically name this piece, 'Playground Love' because this iconic image of a pairing of swings, side by side, is disturbed. The idea of the playground is not only nostalgic of childhood but of some of our first co-ed experiences and, as a child, our way of liking someone of the opposite sex involves a kind of childhood torture. I believe that no matter how old we get, these tactics are still in play in the game of love." -Meryl Pataky

Meryl Pataky, Playground Love, 2009, neon, 3,995

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