Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Storyline Transports Seeks August 2010 Volunteers | Chicago

Storyline Transports: Shadow and Light Festival is a public art performance initiative within the Chicago metropolitan area. Using converted automobiles (two pick-up trucks and a van) as physical and symbolic vehicles, this mobile festival delivers a novel art experience to Chicago's diverse communities. The project extends from a previous project, Storyline Transports: Detroit, in 2008 and Storyline Transport: Chicago, in 2009.

Public Locations:
August 20th - Experimental Station (Hyde Park) 5-8pm

Community Locations (archi-treasures Sites):
August 10th - Barbara Jean Wright Courts 5-9pm
August 14th - Westhaven Park 4-9pm
August 24th - Germano Millgate Apartments 5-9pm

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